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You Don’t Want Just Any CPA Firm

Being in the Commercial Construction and Real Estate industry is not easy. We both know there’s always pressure. Just when you thought all was going well, circumstances can ‘turn on a dime’. Economic uncertainty, accidents, injuries, changes in ownership, and of course, the unexpected request to provide a surety bond to an owner or general contractor.

While this comes with the territory, keeping track of it all and remaining tax compliant adds another layer that can feel overwhelming. All you want is a resource that can help you navigate the maze and show you the tax savings you could be missing, the best time to buy equipment, the best way to maintain an active bonding program, and meet your deadlines.

You may have gotten lost in the shuffle with a CPA Firm and didn’t receive timely filings of tax returns and production of financial statements. Then you get hit with the bill and wonder why you are paying ridiculously high fees for a lack of performance. You may be working with a CPA that isn’t completely familiar with your industry. The Accountant may not know what the surety company is looking for regarding presentation and inclusion of job schedules which could lead to the potential loss of a bonded job, or worse missing out on tax deductions specific to your industry.

A CPA Firm Built for You

The good news is, having a CPA Firm that is focused on your industry can provide a much different experience and outcome. You’ll be confident knowing bonding companies will typically place more credibility in our statements because they know we specialize in preparing compiled, reviewed and audited financial statements for your industry. Wouldn’t it be a load off your mind to have a proactive plan in place for you? One that takes into account that you need statements within 90 days of year-end to maintain a surety/bonding program, along with having the assurance that you’re getting all the deductions and implementing all the available strategies to manage your taxable income.

Cooper, Travis & Company is a Nashville-based CPA Firm dedicated to providing tax solutions specific to the Commercial Construction and Real Estate industry in the Southeastern United States. This is not a ‘Jack of all Trades’ Firm. You’ll experience a practical approach to managing taxable profit, making an effort to leverage lower tax brackets each year and avoid erratic swings in taxable profit. All this is managed by an incredibly experienced and accredited staff. Benefit from specialists in the field of fraud and forensics as well as valuation and litigation support.

To add more value, you can take advantage of our strategic alliance with individuals and partner firms including everything from R & D Credit studies and Energy efficiency credit calculations to assist with placement of temporary accounting and controller positions – even on a monthly basis. These solutions are delivered to you in the most cost effective manner. We have always taken the approach to do what is in the best interest of our client to meet their needs and foster the relationship.

99% Retention Rate!

You’ll be in Good Company. Below is just a sample of hundreds of the high caliber clients being served.

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“Orion Building Corporation has been a client of Cooper, Travis & Company for over a quarter of a century. During that time we have enjoyed a first class professional relationship. We have benefited from continuity in the staff on our engagement and the professionals with whom we have worked have been an asset to us through their construction expertise, tax planning, ownership transition, etc. We have found the Cooper, Travis support staff to be thoroughly professional as well. We look forward to maintaining this relationship for years to come.” – J Moseley – CFO

No Obligation. No Risk.

With any new relationship, there is uncertainty, so let’s make this as easy as possible. We’d be more than happy to sit down with you, free of charge, and review your current tax returns and financial statements to see if you’re missing out on any construction specific tax deductions or credits. Whether you’re a start-up or well-established company, we assist new construction companies and the smaller contractors but are also capable and provide services to clients that have in excess of $300 Million in revenue. While we can’t guarantee you’re missing out on valuable deductions, or being left behind, wouldn’t it be great just to be sure you’re covered – and at no cost to you? “Measure twice, cut once”.

As you already know, you need all your financial information to be in order within 90 days of year end to be considered for future projects and not hinder your bonding program. Having a firm that is in lock step with your industry and its deadlines means we’re very aware of this fact, and we strive to ensure that your Firm does not miss out on any opportunities due from a failure to deliver. So let’s not wait or put off a meeting but keep the momentum going for your business!

Get the Industry Focused Specialization You Deserve!

Take advantage of a CPA firm that specializes in Commercial Construction and Real Estate, that knows tax codes specific to your Industry and offers a comprehensive, proactive solution. If you’re tired of the missed opportunities to save, the uncertainty of tax implications – when to purchase equipment, paying higher fees but not getting the accessibility you want from the other Firm, then let’s talk at no obligation to you.

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